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  • 安全座椅的生产原理

    Safety seat (Safety seat) is a kind of seat attached to a car seat. It is a car accessory device with restraint protection. Generally called a safety seat, child safety seat, child car safety seat, etc. That's the safety seat.
    It is a seat for children only and can restrain the children in case of an accident to protect them. Its technological content and value vary from manufacturer to manufacturer. The principle is to adopt the ergonomic shape that conforms to the characteristics of children's body shape, and fully cooperate with the physiological characteristics of children of different ages, so that children sit up and feel extra considerate and comfortable. Installation is simple and convenient. Even parents who are new to child safety seats can easily install it in a matter of minutes. Its simple and clear buckle and adjustment straps make it easier for people to adjust at any time according to the growth characteristics of children, providing great convenience.
    Suzhou AVIC can provide various types of child safety seats and various targeted and appropriate services. Users can choose the style that suits their requirements according to their needs. Welcome everyone to come to consult!

    Safety seats

  • 专业供应汽车【商务座椅】

    Our company has many years of production and sales experience in the professional production of automotive seats, and its sales are also relatively objective. Today, I mainly want to introduce the production process of our seats to you.
    First of all, our products are made of all-steel structural frame, all-metal surface skin, and sprayed on the outside of the product. The * layer is treated with the "anti-oxidation coating" surface treatment process as a whole; Layer "closed treatment; the third and fourth layers are primed; the fifth and sixth layers are decorative topcoats; the decorative topcoats can be sprayed according to real car painting, or can be customized according to customer requirements Spraying; afterwards, the anti-oxidation epoxy coating is used for sealing treatment again. The internal shape of the equipment is the body part above the outdoor platform on the indoor floor of the train. The bottom of the device is level to meet the stability of the placement.
    Suzhou AVIC vehicle parts can provide business seats and ordinary seats of various specifications and materials, and you can contact at any time if necessary. Professional supply of car business seats, welcome everyone to come to consult!

    Business seat

  • 座椅是一个大家族

    To put it simply, the seat is a seat, with a backrest and an armrest. In ancient times, there was a seat on the floor. Originally there were no chairs. The "chair" was originally a wooden name. With the continuous rise of seating , seat classification has also gradually increased.
    Today I want to share with you the classification of seats. According to the classification of use, there are single seats, three seats, airport seats, car seats, bus seats, family seats, restaurant seats Child safety seats, leisure seats, etc. According to the material classification, there are aluminum alloy seats, wooden seats, stainless steel seats, iron seats, and other material seats.
    With the market competition and the development of society, the seat industry is also developing and has now reached the realm of art. Various artistic style seats, such as egg-shaped seats, red lips-type seats, various massage chairs, etc. Our company specializes in manufacturing and manufacturing various types of vehicle seats. Please feel free to contact us!


  • 手动座椅改装成自动座椅

    Many friends who are driving know that adjusting the backrest of the original seat may not be so convenient. Many models use a knob handwheel to adjust the backrest inclination. Especially for female partners, it is particularly laborious and wastes time. In fact, there is also an effect of experience, which is the so-called feeling. As an ordinary salary *, it is not necessary to be extravagant and luxurious about the car. Practicality is enough. Partners will choose to convert the original manual seat into an automatic seat.
    An automatic seat is a problem that can be solved with only one finger and can be solved in 5 seconds with one finger. It is more comfortable than the task that can be completed in a few minutes by exhausting the whole body energy, and it is converted into an electric seat The price of the chair is not high, just go to a regular car seat modification shop. The practical value is relatively high. If you have friends who want to modify, you can contact our company at any time. The service is advanced and the price is reasonable.

    Automatic seat

  • 改装房车单人座椅价格不纠结

    In recent years, the significance of RVs has been more significant. It can be said that they have become popular all over the world and have gradually become the self-service travel products of home. Of course, good RVs also have good seats. More and more people are gradually choosing modified seats to meet their pursuit of comfort and luxury. Whether it is a single seat or a three-seat seat, only if it is comfortable and has more functions will more and more people choose to modify it.
    Suzhou AVIC vehicle parts can be customized for single and triple RV seats with electric massage and 360-degree rotation. At the same time, it can also provide price customization services. We have professional car seat designers. The prices will vary according to the materials and manufacturing processes you choose. With many years of experience and technical level, all materials Imported from abroad, the price is genuine, if necessary, you can call our company at any time for detailed consultation!

    Single seat

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